Sage Lavender Sculpted Owl Candle

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WAX TYPE: 50% Soy wax/50% Beeswax

BURN TIME: 10 Hours

SCENT: Sage Lavender Essential Oil

Now introducing Lily's Lights SCENTS FROM HOME, sage lavender candle collection. Our candles are a combination of soy, beeswax, and natural oils, making these candles both long lasting and organic. Each owl is cast by hand and displayed in a 16 oz jar. Although most sculpted candles last 5 hours or less, our owl lasts 10+ hours! As the owl burns down, customers can enjoy watching the glow of the stars and moons carved into the owl body, while smelling the sweet scent of lavender sage. All candles are made in small batches in Northern California.

Our SCENTS FROM HOME Collection are scents that I associate with home, here in the Central Valley of Northern California. Scents have a way to take you through space and time. I wanted to take you on a journey through my scents of home. Our sage lavender collection is inspired from my first gardening experience. Turns out, when you can't get bees to your garden, lavender is the perfect flower to attract them. Not only did the lavender attract the bees, they made my garden smell wonderful too! I hope you enjoy this scent as much as I do.