Handmade Orange Dinosaur Night Light

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Meet Jess, our orange dinosaur. Jess has lightening bolt spots carved out of his body, creating a warm glow when lit; perfect for navigating at night, without being too bright.

Customers have said our nightlights:
-Helped their kids who fear the dark
-Helped their kids who wake up at night to get back to sleep
-Helped wean their kids from using a pacifier at night
-Helped their children or an elderly parent see in the bathroom at night

NIGHT TIME AID: Our night lights create a soft glow that help you get around at night without turning on a harsh light. Make a bathroom trip, check on your kids, or safely walk down a hallway using our lights.

SAFE: Each light is made with a strong ceramic and equipped with an LED light. Lily's lights are capable of lasting 10 years without needing a new bulb. Our light base also swivels in case of a sideways or upside down outlet.

GIFTABLE: Our lights are excellent gifts for any age. They are beautiful pieces of home decor and a practical night light all in one.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you don't like your light for any reason, you are welcome to return it. We want you to be happy with your purchase.