The Perfect House With a Lemon Tree - Citrus Sage Scent

  I've never been a die hard fan of lemons.  Not that I dislike them or anything, it's just a fruit that I wouldn't see at a grocery store and eat it plain.  I do like lemonade and lemon-ey treats.  I also LOVE the smell of lemons.  They just smell clean.  But it's not like I imagined planting a lemon tree one day because I was dying to eat them all the time.

  In the Central Valley, citrus trees are everywhere.  Looking out of my window right now, I have one neighbor with a massive lemon tree and another with an orange tree.  Every February and August (give or take), all the citrus trees around here are loaded with fruit.  We have this little bike path near our house that we take for walks and we frequently find oranges that have dropped to the ground, which we gladly eat.  Growing up, there was a lemon tree in our backyard.  Anytime I made sugar cookies that required lemon juice, I always knew that I could just go outside and pick one.  Didn't matter what time of year it was, they were always there.  

  When we decided to move back to California, I had to have my sister pick out our house for us.  We didn't have the time or money to go choose one for ourselves, and I knew that she knew me well enough to pick a house I would love.   She went to several houses for us and eventually found one that she thought was perfect.  This house was across the street from a park (great for the kids), had a white picket fence to corral our infant (who would eventually grow into a wandering toddler), and a mature fruit bearing lemon tree.  It was perfect.  Our lemon tree quickly became part of our family life.  My husband has made many gallons of lemonade, and the kids' favorite treat is to eat a halved lemon dipped in sugar.  Our tree is a Meyer lemon tree, which apparently is a thing.  The lemons grow so large and juicy, there is a local restaurant that asks for them, so they must be pretty great.

  I knew that one of our candles needed to be lemon inspired in some way.  So, we settled on a citrus sage scent.  A beautiful mix of essential oils, blending together to make a great smelling candle.  The best part?  Each candle comes decorated with a slice of dehydrated lemon, straight from my lemon tree (cue excited gasp).  I hope you all love it and enjoy!


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