Scents From Home - The Beginnings

  I grew up in a small town called Manteca (you read that right Spanish speakers, the Spanish word for lard).  The town is located in California's, Central Valley. I've always had to describe where my home town was by giving people a geographic estimate in relation to major cities.  My description would always be, "I'm an hour south of Sacramento and an hour and a half east of San Francisco."  Then it would be followed by, "Every almond you have ever eaten was probably right where I am from."  The Central Valley is known for its crops, and my area specialized in almonds.  

  Soon after I got married, my husband and I moved from Manteca to Utah.  We found ourselves living in a gorgeous place.  I had never lived next to mountains before, and the Wasatch front in Utah Valley was stunning.  The longer we stayed, the more we fell in love with it.  We made friends and co-workers that became family, and had all three of our children there.  But when the time came to officially buy a home, I couldn't help but feeling like this wasn't the place we were supposed to be.  It was time to go back to California.  

  While living away, I discovered that there were some things that would remind me of home.  A random foggy day for example, or the smell of blossoms.  This is where the candle idea came about.  Smells have a way to transport us through time and space.  I wanted to share the different smells that I associate with my home in the Central Valley, with you.  I thought it would be fun to have weekly stories, some funny, some not, that have to do with my home.  Then I could create candle scents for you to enjoy that go along with some of those stories.  My first candle is a lavender sage scent.  Want to know what story goes with it?  Check back on Sunday to find out.  Until then!

        - Ashley




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