Azores, Portugal + California = Lots of Cows

  I just discovered something the other day.  I was reading some news articles about how Americans are currently flocking to Portugal right now and permanently moving there.  The climate is like California but with a lower cost of living.  Sounds pretty good.  In that same article, it mentioned how in the 1940's, lots of Portuguese farmers from the Azores all moved to the Central Valley in California to start a new life.  It all makes sense now why there are so many people of Portuguese descent around here and why they all came from the same exact place in Portugal.  Mystery solved!

  Not only are there lots of Portuguese crop farmers in the valley, but dairy farmers as well.  There are dairies all around (which is another reason manure smells like home to me).  I pass 2 dairy farms heading to my sister in laws house and she only lives like 6 miles away.  When I was younger, there was a dairy farm next to my grandparents house.  Sometimes we would walk over to see all the baby cows.  If we were lucky, we even got to bottle feed them.  But one of my favorite things to do, was to let the cows lick my hands.  They love the salt on our skin.  

  Off the top of my head, I can count at least 8 of my friends whose family's owned dairy farms.  Next time you see a California milk commercial, you can fully understand why.  There are cows everywhere in the valley.

Has anyone seen the current California milk commercial on Hulu?  It definitely feels like they are trying to make milk seem cool.  I'm not the biggest fan.....

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