Why We Donate

My daughter Lily has a congenital heart defect.  She has been able to live her life normally aside from the annual EKG and ultrasound and is currently doing great.  When she was born doctors were really worried about her, but she has done better than anyone expected and continues to do so.  We have been lucky.

  Every year when I take Lily to her heart appointments, I stare at this white magnetic board hanging outside the exam room door.  On the bottom are colorful magnets that each read something different.  One says, "schedule an appointment" while another says "checkup needed."  Depending on what the patient needs, the doctor puts the corresponding magnet up to alert staff to what is needed for the patient.  The one magnet that always catches my eye is, "schedule surgery."  Most of the year I don't think about Lily's heart problem.  Like I said previously, she has been able to live a normal life.  But every time I get into the exam room and see that particular magnet, I start to feel a tinge of worry. Worry that today will be the day the doctor would put that magnet up for Lily. 

  At each appointment, I scan the waiting room looking at all the little ones also there for their heart appointment.  Many haven't been as fortunate as Lily and have already needed surgery.  Some are younger, some older.  I thought of all the little ones that might soon need an extensive hospital stay and how scary that would be for them.  Which got me thinking.  I have a nightlight company. Nightlights can help scared kids at night and might help their hospital stay be a bit less scary.  I started researching how to donate to hospitals and talking with family members.  My idea for helping kids who needed to have an extended stay in the hospital expanded to kids who are in foster care.  Some of those kids are literally terrified of what can (and has) happened to them during the night.  I realized that my simple nightlight business can have a significant impact on children who need a little help to get to sleep at night.  Who have the right to feel safe when they go to sleep at night.

  So this is why Lily's Lights chooses to donate.  My company isn't large enough yet to simply give money, but it is big enough to give light.  I hope that when you are in need of a present or something nice to give to someone you love, you think of our nightlights and the impact you are making each time you buy one.  


    Ashley Harvey

   Lily's Lights Owner/Founder